Cightech is a private innovation center that is designed to open up new opportunities by generating novel ideas, to be a hub for associate partners who are professional in multidisciplinary fields, and contribute to high-tech project management. Cightech is connected to number of academic professors and industrial experts worldwide. We discover a common interest between our associate members and integrate them in a research or R&D proposal that will be submitted to a proper funding agency. We actually, create new high-tech ideas that can be achieved by suitable associate partners and generate new project proposals for funding from government and/or industry. After allocating the budget we systematically manage the process in association with other professional partners to achieve promising outcomes that may be prototypes, research reports, scientific papers, and …. Cightech will be an independent partner in any project with budget defined in any proposal. CIGHTECH will also support high-tech professionals by helping them to promote their products globally and by supply their research by several research facilities and services as well. "

BEDS is a non-profit and non-government organization committed to maintain ecological balance and create harmony between human and nature. BEDS has been working with Environment and Ecosystem; Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation; Clean/Solar Energy; Livelihood; Gender Development; Health and Sanitation; Women and Child Rights; Wildlife Conservation and Protection since 2010. BEDS Successfully completed more than 40 projects and received the prestigious Energy Globe National Award in 2018.

Received the Annual Balipara Foundation Award

Received the prestigious Government Divisional Environmental Award in 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and Top20 District Development Award.

EUBIA, the European Biomass Industry Association, was established in 1996 as an international non-profit association in Brussels, Belgium. It groups together market actors, technology providers, and knowledge centres, all of them active in the field of biomass. The main objective of EUBIA is to support the European biomass industries at all levels, promoting the use of biomass as a source for bioenergy and bioproducts production, developing innovative biotechnology and fostering international co-operation within the field. The Association is supporting the development of a circular economy and Bioeconomy strategy in Europe. As a European association, EUBIA aims at helping its members to keep up with relevant technological and policy developments on the sector and connect to key stakeholders such as the policy makers, technology providers, academic and general public. EUBIA is placed as an information multiplier, disseminating technologies and know-how across the entire biomass industry. EUBIA also acts as an aggregator of demand, identifying shared problems and ensuring that research focuses on real business needs.

Save the Planet is a registered charity (number 1128140) in England and Wales, UK. Save the Planet global vision is to ensure to have a better quality of life for future generations without making any compromise. Building a sustainable future in which people live in harmony with nature.

Established in Singapore, SyncSci Publishing Pte. Ltd. is founded by several scholars from different research fields. Our company focuses on knowledge sharing and open-access instead of profiting. We are dedicated to publish high quality articles that provide innovative and scientific research findings to scholars worldwide.