Green House Gases and Its Effects

 The greenhouse effect refers to a physical property of the Earth's  atmosphere. If the Earth had no atmosphere, its average  surface temperature would be  about ¬18℃ rather than  15℃ found today. The difference in temperature is due to a suite of gases called greenhouse gases which   affects the overall energy  balance of the Earth's system by absorbing infra¬red radiation.

Types of Greenhouse gases:

  • carbon dioxide (CO2 )
  • methane (CH4 ),
  •  nitrous oxide (N2O), 
  • chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) 
  •  ozone (O3 )
  • Atmospheric water vapour (H2O)

Consequences of Enhanced Greenhouse Effect:

  • Global warming
  • Sea level rise

  • Industrial sector
  • Circulation of oceanic currents
  • Circulation of atmospheric winds
  • Massive crop failures
  • Widespread extinction of species
  • Solar Impact

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